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Enjoy the benefits from being on our waitlists. Our vision is that our community should get the opportunity to get a miner before it reaches the store. Let's go mining.



As a VIP silver member you have the luxury to pre-order up to 3 miners at once. You also have 48 extra hours to pre-order your miners before anyone else.




Get to know when you can PRE-ORDER your miners 7 days before the miner goes live in several different webstores.

Limited to 1 miner/member.


Enjoy the benefits of VIP PRO with unlimited orders and special offers & unique discounts LIMITED to our gold members.


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The benefits

with our waitinglist!

There is several benefits by being on a waitlist. Beside of getting notified when it's time to place your pre-order you also get to know the timeline from fabric to the store before anyone else outside the waitinglist. You get the opportunity to claim special offers and unique discounts.

Our Creative Founders.

Our main goal is to bring that little extra to everyone. We know how important it is for to get out as much as possible from our daily life. And that's why we built this service mining wait list. We are aming to help everyone to get a passive income without any extra effort. Thanks to our team you can relaxe and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Sven A

Im 32 years old with a vision that everyone should be able to live a better life together with thier friends and family. 


Im 31 years old from Sweden. I'm exited to be able to make a change in this world for everyons daily life. 

AI dev, TA analyts, Project mananger

We are always looking to expand our team. Do you think you have what it takes dont hesitate to contact us.